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All the ways the Midland Railway Study Centre can assist with your research

Originally created in response to the pandemic and its lockdowns, this page details some ways you can access and use the resources of the Midland Railway Study Centre without actually having to visit...

The natural starting point for using our resources has to be our on-line catalogue. This lists over 60,000 items which are in the Midland Railway Society's collection (largely from the Roy F. Burrows Collection, but there is also a considerable quantity of material from other individuals' collections). The catalogue also details the Midland Railway related holdings of Derby Museums which are in the care of the Midland Railway Study Centre. As we want our 'Common Database' to be a comprehensive source for Midland Railway research, we are also adding details of material we hold only in digital form (i.e. scans of primary material held elsewhere), along with details of how to access the original items.

We have been working hard to make our collection available digitally. While we acknowledge that what we have done so far only scratches the surface in practical terms, we believe it is a good start. There are now over 1100 entries in our on-line catalogue which allow direct access to a high resolution scan of the document concerned.

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There is one significant area of the collection which doesn't currently appear in our “Common Database” and this is the Midland Railway Estate Department plan collection. This came to Derby Museums when British Rail demolished the former Ambergate Station building in the early 1970s, home to these plans since the late nineteenth century. One of the Museum's stalwart volunteers, Bill Goodwin, spent over 12 years creating a detailed catalogue for the plans. However, the nature of technology available at the time led to the decision to make this catalogue paper-based. Though very efficient as a finding-aid in the Study Centre, it is of course less useful when researching remotely. To remedy this to some extent, we have scanned each of the hand-written index sheets and made them available for downloading as PDFs. The sheets are indexed geographically, using John Gough's Midland Railway Chronology as a framework.

Meanwhile we have been working to make other areas of our collection directly accessible on-line. For example...


Railway Operations


First World War


Carriage & Wagon


Other Companies

If you can't find what you're looking for, please feel free to get in touch. Contact details are located at the bottom of every page.

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