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A very tattered and time-worn ledger open on a desk in the Midland Railway Study Centre

The Midland Railway Study Centre catalogue contains an entry under Item No. 28524 which reads:-

“A book of permanent way and other miscellaneous Engineering Department drawings covering a wide range of topics including some dzrawings of special track for the Settle and Carlisle line from the 1870s. There are also some drawings from the Signal Department included. Most drawings are very fragile and therefore the item is WITHDRAWN FROM USE UNTIL REPAIRED. Bears the original MR label in gilt on maroon panel ‘ LITHOS, TRACINGS, &C No 1 ’ ”

That this item was withdrawn was a source of frustration as it was evident that it contained a lot of very exciting documents. Permission was sought from the Society's Collection Committee to take the plunge and sacrifice the binding of the ledger which was evidently beyond repair, in order that the content could be separated and conserved. The process of carefully removing each page, opening out the creases — in many cases for the first time in a hundred years or so — then scanning the content and placing the sheets into modern archival sleeves, is ongoing. However, this page is being created to showcase some of the gems which are appearing. Many are in a pretty poor state and have chunks torn off them. However, as this sample should amply demonstrate, the information contained within is still invaluable.

This remains a "work in progress" and as such more examples will be added to this page in due course. However, it is hoped that the sample provided here are of interest.

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