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Extracted from the Midland Railway Appendix No. 20 (1899)
Up and Down lines

As it is convenient in the issue of Instructions respecting Signal and Working Arrangements, to distinguish the different Lines of Rails by the terms UP and DOWN, and very essential that no ambiguity or misunderstanding should exist on the subject, the following information is given for the guidance of the Co.'s Servants.

Carlisle to Settle Junction.Settle Junction to Carlisle.
North Eastern Railway to Appleby North Junction.Appleby North Junction to North Eastern Railway.
Hawes to Hawes Junction.Hawes Junction to Hawes.
Morecambe and Lancaster to Leeds and Bradford Junctions, Shipley.Leeds and Bradford Junctions, Shipley to Lancaster and Morecambe.
Carnforth to Wennington.Wennington to Carnforth.
Ingleton to Clapham.Clapham to Ingleton.
Colne to Skipton.Skipton to Colne.
Barnoldswick to Earby.Earby to Barnoldswick.
Oxenhope to Keighley.Keighley to Oxenhope.
Bradford to Leeds Junction & Engine Shed Junction, Leeds.Engine Shed Junction & Leeds Junction, Leeds to Bradford.
Skipton, via Bolton Abbey to Apperley Junction.Apperley Junction to Skipton, via Bolton Abbey.
Burley Junction to Otley.Otley to Burley Junction.
Milnerwood Junction to Menston Junction.Menston Junction to Milnerwood Junction.
Rawdon Junction to Yeadon.Yeadon to Rawdon Junction.
Esholt Junction, Guiseley to Guiseley Junction, Shipley.Guiseley Junction, Shipley to Esholt Junction, Guiseley.
Wellington and Hunslet Lane Stations, Leeds to South and London Road Junctions, Derby, via Dronfield and via Eckington.South and London Road Junctions, Derby to Hunslet Lane and Wellington Stations, Leeds via Eckington and via Dronfield.
Don Pedro & Ackton Hall Collieries to Snydale Junction.Snydale Junction to Ackton Hall & Don Pedro Collieries.
Wakefield to West Riding Junction, Sandal & Walton.West Riding Junction, Sandal & Walton to Wakefield.
Grimethorpe Colliery Sidings to Storr's Mill Junction.Storr's Mill Junction to Grimethorpe Colliery Sidings.
Court House Junction, Barnsley to Cudworth South Junction.Cudworth South Junction to Court House Junction, Barnsley.
Cudworth West Junction to Cudworth North Junction.Cudworth North Junction to Cudworth West Junction.
North Barnsley West Junction to Wincobank and Station Junctions.Wincobank Station and North Junctions to Barnsley West Junction.
Wharncliffe Silkstone Colliery to Wharncliffe Branch Sidings.Wharncliffe Branch Sidings to Wharncliffe Silkstone Colliery.
Ferry Bridge Junction to Wath Road Junction.Wath Road Junction to Ferry Bridge Junction.
Swinton Junction to Doncaster.Doncaster to Swinton Junction.
Rotherham to Holmes Junction.Holmes Junction to Rotherham.
Holmes Junction to Masboro' South Junction.Masboro' South Junction to Holmes Junction.
Wicker Station, Sheffield to Grimesthorpe Junction.Grimesthorpe Junction to Wicker Station, Sheffield.
Nunnery Colliery to Nunnery Colliery Sidings Signal Box.Nunnery Colliery Sidings Signal Box to Nunnery Colliery.
Chinley North Junction and Chinley South Junction to Dore and Totley Station Junction and Dore and Totley South Junction.Dore and Totley South Junction and Dore and Totley Station Junction to Chinley South Junction and Chinley North Junction.
Avenue Sidings and Holmwood Colliery Sidings, Hasland to Morton Sidings, Doe Hill.Morton Sidings, Doe Hill to Holmwood Colliery Sidings and Avenue Sidings, Hasland.
Liverpool to Manchester (Central) and Woodley.Woodley and Manchester (Central) to Liverpool.
Alexandra Dock, Liverpool to Fazakerley North Junction.Fazakerley North Junction to Alexandra Dock, Liverpool.
Hough Green Junction to Widnes East Junction.Widnes East Junction to Hough Green Junction.
Throstle Nest Junction to Stockport.Stockport to Throstle Nest Junction.
Ancoats Goods Yard to Ashburys West Junction.Ashburys West Junction to Ancoats Goods Yard.
Midland Junction (L. & Y.), Ancoats to Ancoats Junction.Ancoats Junction to Midland Junction (L. & Y.), Ancoats,
Ashburys to Romiley and Brinnington Junction.Brinnington Junction and Romiley to Ashburys.
Bredbury Junction to Miller's Dale Junction.Miller's Dale Junction to Bredbury Junction.
New Mills Junction to Hayfield.Hayfield to New Mills Junction.
Buxton Junction to Peak Forest Junction.Peak Forest Junction to Buxton Junction.
Buxton to Ambergate South Junction.Ambergate South Junction to Buxton.
North Junction to West Junction, Ambergate.West Junction to North Junction, Ambergate.
Wirksworth to Duffield.Duffield to Wirksworth.
Butterley Junction and Ripley Old Station to Little Eaton Junction.Little Eaton Junction to Ripley Old Station and Butterley Junction.
Ripley Junction to Langley Mill Station and Heanor Junction.Langley Mill Station and Heanor Junction to Ripley Junction.
Bristol to London Rd. Junction, Derby, via Camp Hill and New Street.London Rd. Junction, Derby to Bristol via Camp Hill and New Street.
St. Philip's to Lawrence Hill Junction, Bristol.Lawrence Hill Junction to St. Philip's, Bristol.
Avonmouth Terminus to Kingswood Junction, Bristol,Kingswood Junction, Bristol to Avonmouth Terminus.
Bath to Mangotsfield Station & North Junctions.Mangotsfield North & Station Junctions to Bath.
Thornbury to Yate.Yate to Thornbury.
Lydbrook Junction to Berkeley Road (via Serridge Junction).Berkeley Road to Lydbrook Junction (via Serridge Junction).
Cinderford to Serridge Junction.Serridge Junction to Cinderford.
Coleford Town to Coleford Junction.Coleford Junction to Coleford Town.
Drybrook Rd. Stato Tufts Junction (via Loop Line).Tufts Junction to Drybrook Rd. Sta. (via Loop Line).
Dursley to Coaley Junction.Coaley Junction to Dursley.
Nailsworth and Stroud to Stonehouse.Stonehouse to Nailsworth and Stroud.
Ashchurch to Malvern Junction.Malvern Junction to Ashchurch.
Ashchurch Junction and Tewkesbury Junction, Ashchurch to Barnt Green Junction, via Evesham.Barnt Green Junction to Tewkesbury Junction and Ashchurch Junction, Ashchurch, via Evesham.
Three Cocks Junction to Hereford.Hereford to Three Cocks Junction.
Swansea to Brecon via Cwm Clydach and via Six Pit Junction.Brecon to Swansea, via Cwm Clydach and via Six Pit Junction.
Ynisygeinon Junction to Brynamman.Brynamman to Ynisygeinon Junction
Stoke Works to Norton Junction (G. W. Line).Norton Junction to Stoke Works (G. W Line).
Halesowen Station to Halesowen Junction.Halesowen Junction to Halesowen Station.
Lifford West Junction to Lifford Station Junction.Lifford Station Junction to Lifford West Junction.
Church Road Junction to Central Station, Birmingham.Central Station, Birmingham to Church Road Junction.
St. Andrew's Junction to Grand Junction, Birmingham.Grand Junction to St. Andrew's Junction, Birmingham.
Hampton to Whitacre.Whitacre to Hampton.
Whitacre to L. & N. W. Yard, Nuneaton, and Central and South Junctions, Wigston.Central and South Junctions, Wigston, and L. & N. W. Yard, Nuneaton to Whitacre.
Enderby to Narborough.Narborough to Enderby.
Coalville Junction to Shackerstone Junction.Shackerstone Junction to Coalville Junction.
Moira East and West Junctions to Nuneaton.Nuneaton to Moira East and West Junctions.
Wolverhampton and Ryecroft Junction, Walsall to Castle Bromwich and Water Orton Junctions.Castle Bromwich and Water Orton Junctions to Ryecroft Junction, Walsall, and Wolverhampton.
North Walsall Junction to Ryecroft Junction.Ryecroft Junction to North Walsall Junction.
Cannock Chase Sidings to Aldridge Junction.Aldridge Junction to Cannock Chase Sidings.
Branston Road Wharf and Leicester Junction to Marston and Thompson's Brewery, Burton.Marston and Thompson's Brewery to Leicester Junction and Branston Road Wharf, Burton.
Uxbridge St. to Bass & Co's Brewery, Burton.Bass & Co's Brewery to Uxbridge Street, Burton.
James' Street Junction to Robinson & Co.'s Brewery, Burton.Robinson & Co.'s Brewery Junction, Burton to James' Street.
End of Guild Street Branch to Horninglow Bridge, Burton.Horninglow Bridge to end of Guild Street Branch, Burton.
End of Horninglow Branch to Horninglow Bridge, Burton.Horninglow Bridge to end of Horninglow Branch, Burton.
End of Hay Branch to Wetmore Sidings, Burton.Wetmore Sidings to end of Hay Branch, Burton.
Melbourne Junction, Derby to Trent, via Castle Donington.Trent to Melbourne Junction, Derby, via Castle Donington.
Stenson Junction to Chellaston West Junction.Chellaston West Junction to Stenson Junction.
Chellaston East Junction to Ashby.Ashby to Chellaston East Junction.
Derby Junction, Derby to Rugby, via Trent Station and via Sheet Stores.Rugby to Derby Junction, Derby, via Trent Station and via Sheet Stores.
London Road Junction, Derby to Spondon Junction.Spondon Junction to London Road Junction, Derby.
Lincoln to Trent.Trent to Lincoln.
Elmton & Creswell Junction and Pleasley to Staveley.Staveley to Pleasley and Elmton & Creswell Junction.
Clay Cross North Junction and Kirkby Staation Junction to Long Eaton Junction and Trent Station.Trent Station and Long Eaton Junction to Kirkby Station Junction and Clay Cross North Junction.
Warsop Main Colliery Signal Box to Shirebrook Station.Shirebrook Station to Warsop Main Colliery Signal Box.
Pleasley Junction to Tibshelf South Junction and Westhouses and Blackwell Station.Westhouses and Blackwell Station and Tibshelf South Junction to Pleasley Junction.
New Hucknall Colliery Sidings to Blackwell South Junction and Westhouses and Blackwell Station.Westhouses and Blackwell Station and Blackwell South Junction to New Hucknall Colliery Sidings.
Bentinck Colliery Loaded Wagon Sidings to Pinxton Station.Pinxton Station to Bentinck Colliery Loaded Wagon Sidings.
Ilkeston Town Station to Ilkeston North and South Junctions.Ilkeston South and North Junctions to Ilkeston Town Station.
Codnor Park Junction & Riddings Junction to Ambergate.Ambergate to Codnor Park Junction & Riddings Junction.
Bestwood Colliery to Bestwood Park Junction.Bestwood Park Junction to Bestwood Colliery.
Bennerley Junction to Basford Junction.Basford Junction to Bennerley Junction.
Trowell Junction to Radford.Radford to Trowell Junction.
Mansfield to Rolleston.Rolleston to Mansfield.
Sutton-in-Ashfield Station to Sutton Junction.Sutton Junction to Sutton-in-Ashfield Station.
Worksop Junction & Shireoaks Junction to Lenton South Junction & Mansfield Junction, Nottingham.Lenton South Junction & Mansfield Junction, Nottingham to Worksop Junction & Shireoaks Junction.
London Road Junction, Nottingham to Glendon South Junction, Rushton, via Melton and Manton.Glendon South Junction, Rushton to London Road Junction, Nottingham, via Manton and Melton.
Wycombe Junction to Holwell.Holwell to Wycombe Junction.
Peterboro' to Manton Junction, Manton.Manton Junction, Manton to Peterboro'.
Melton Junction, Melton to South and North Junctions, Syston.South and North Junctions, Syston to Melton Junction, Melton.
Bourne to Saxby Station Junction.Saxby Station Junction to Bourne.
Cottesmore to Ashwell Junction.Ashwell Junction to Cottesmore.
Leicester Junction, Burton to North and South Junctions, Knighton.South and North Junctions, Knightonto Leicester Junction, Burton.
Swadlincote Junction to Woodville Junction, via Swadlincote.Woodville Junction to Swadlincote Junction via Swadlincote.
Woodville Goods Station to Woodville Goods Junction.Woodville Goods Junction to Woodville Goods Station.
Desford to West Bridge.West Bridge to Desford.
North Junction, Wigston to St. Pancras.St. Pancras to North Junction, Wigston.
Kettering to Huntingdon.Huntingdon to Kettering.
End of Loddington Branch to Kettering.Kettering to end of Loddington Branch.
Irchester Junction to Higham Ferrers.Higham Ferrers to Irchester Junction.
Northampton to Oakley Junction, Bedford.Oakley Junction, Bedford to Northampton.
Bedford to Hitchin.Hitchin to Bedford.
Hemel Hempsted to Harpenden Junction.Harpenden Junction to Hemel Hempsted.
Acton Wells Junction to Brent South Junction and Child's Hill Passenger Junction.Brent South Junction and Child's Hill Passenger Junction to Acton Wells Junction.
Carlton Road Junction to Junction Road Junction.Junction Road Junction to Carlton Road Junction.
Woodgrange Park Junction and North and South Junctions, Tottenham to Gospel Oak and Kentish Town.Kentish Town and Gospel Oak to Woodgrange Park Junction and North and South Junctions, Tottenham.